Monday, August 19, 2013

Anastasia Fingerless Gloves

Even in Florida, gloves are practical winter wear for walking on the beach and great to knit during the hot summers since they are small projects that don’t sit in the lap and warm you up. The pattern is Barbara Walker’s “Single Eyelet Rib” (A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, pg. 46) It has both stretchiness that is perfect for gloves and eye appeal. The gloves are named after a barrier island on the Atlantic Coast of Florida.


These gloves are worked in the round from the cuff up with a comfortable, firm bind off for the thumbhole. It’s an easy-to-memorize 8 row pattern with 6 rows of 3x2 ribbing (easy-peasy) and only 2 rows with eyelet pattern (to keep you from going insane with repetition).


Yarn: 1 hank Mirasol “Hacho” 100% Hand dyed Merino wool, 50g/125m/137yds or similar dk weight yarn, Peru (Pictured: Fuschia Gloves: Mirasol (list above), shade 309; Blue Gloves: (Double stranded throughout project) Gala Yarns “Mixed Fiber”, two ply, 50g, Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, 2 skeins, Turkey)

Needles: US 3 dpns

Notions: tapestry (yarn) needle,

Gauge: 40 stitches, 2 repeats of glove pattern, knit in the round, unstretched, 2.5” wide

Size: Women’s medium, 8” long

Glove Pattern

Multiple of 5

With a 30” tail, Longtail cast on 40 sts Put 10 sts on 1st needle, 15 on 2nd needle, and 15 on 3rd needle. Join in round, without twisting stitches. Place your st marker on the 1st needle between 3rd and 4th sts This 1) identifies your #1 needle, 2) the beginning of your round starts at the beginning of this needle and 3) this will later double as the right edge of the thumb gusset.

(RS) R1 and all odd rounds: *K3, P2*

R2: *K3, P2*

R4: *K2tog, yo, K1, P2*

R6: *K3, P2*

R8: *K1, yo, ssk, P2*

Repeat pattern a second time, ending with a R8. (If you want a longer cuff style, do additional repeats ending with R8.)

Thumb Gusset

Set Up Row: K3, sm, P1, M1L, P1, pm, *K3, P2*

Now start on Round 2 of Thumb Gusset Pattern below.

R1 & all odd rounds: K3, sm, P1, K until 1 st before marker, P1, sm, *K3, P2*

R2: Repeat R1

R4: K2tog, yo, K1, sm, P1, M1R, K until 1 st before marker, M1L, P1, sm, *K2tog, yo, K1, P2*

R6: Repeat R1

R8: K1, yo, ssk, sm, P1, M1R, K until 1 st before marker, M1L, P1, sm, *K1, yo, ssk, P2*

Repeat R1-8 until you have 15 sts between markers, ending with a R3.

Bind off Thumb Gusset:

Next round: K2together, yo, K1, sm, P1, keep yarn in front, slip next st PW, bring yarn in back. Pass previous st over slipped st to BO. *Sl 1, PW, pass previous st over to BO* Repeat until you have bound off the last K gusset s. over the last P st. Remover marker, Slip this last st to LHN. (You should have 6 sts on LHN.) Turn. (WS) Remover marker, Cable cast on 1 stitch – this will be firm which is what you want. Turn. (RS) Join by exchanging first st on each needle to the other needle, without twisting sts. You should have 4 sts on RHN and 6 sts on LHN. PM back between 3rd & 4th sts, P1, *K2tog, yo, K1, P2* (40 sts) Continue in Glove Pattern on R5 until 8” long ending with R2. Bind off in pattern. Weave in ends. Make two.