Friday, November 1, 2013

"A Little Something" Sweater Card

I didn't come up with this idea, but here's my version of it. A cute "Knitter's" card that takes no time at all. So knit "a little something" for everyone on your list!
Gauge: not important


Yarn:  laceweight to sock yarn leftovers
Needles: Size US 3 - 6  straight needles
blank card
scotch tape
needlenose pliers or old scissors
26 gauge wire
glue stick
yarn needle

Sweater Pattern
Cast on 7 stitches.*Knit in Stockinette stitch until 1 1/4" long, ending with a Right Side (RS). 
Sleeves: Cast on 5 sts. using Knitted Cast On method. Purl to end of row. (12 sts.)
Cast on 5 sts. with Knitted Cast On and knit to end (17 sts.).
Next row: Purl. Bind off. Weave in ends.

Wire Hanger
I used 26 gauge Permanently Colored Copper Wire by Darice. in #3958-70 (dark green). Cut. 6", fold in half. 1/2" from fold, hold pliers and twist the 2 wires by hand 4 times. Use pliers to bend wire end into a hook like a coat hanger. With a pin or yarn needle, punch 2 holes in your cardstock.

Thread the wire ends through holes.

When your wire hanger looks right, use scotch tape on the back side to tape down ends.

Get a real coat hanger and look at it. I added the angles under the twist for a more realistic look.

Generously use the glue stick on the reverse side of your sweater and press at hanger on card.

Now re-glue the cuffs, waistband and collar if necessary. Because one sleeve is actually a little wider than the other, you can fudge/block them now to make them look the same.

 Let dry. You can use a weight, but if it looks well tacked down, it's fine. Wash all that glue off your hands and admire your pretty card!