Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall B Schedule


Discover the relaxing and rewarding hobby of knitting in this beginner's course

for men and women. Learn to knit Continental style as we cover basic stitches,

tools, yarn selection, reading directions and fixing common mistakes. No

experience is necessary. Class size: 10


3 Sat., starts 10/25/14, 1:00PM ‑ 3:00PM

Instructor: Scarlett *Kiki* Geiger

SF ‑ NW Campus

FEE $29.00

NOTE: Bring $20 to first class for materials, a notebook and pen. All
supplies/patterns will be provided, including yarn for an easy scarf project.


Learn to knit and felt a bowl. 100% naturally dyed wool yarn, knitting needles,

directions and instructions for knitting the bowl will be provided. You will knit

in class and felting instructions will be covered so you can felt at home. There

will be enough yarn to complete 2 bowls. Work at your own speed. Knitting in

the round experience is helpful but not necessary; no previous felting

experience needed.


2 Sat., starts 11/22/14, 1:00:00PM ‑ 3:00:00PM

Instructor: Scarlett *Kiki* Geiger

SF ‑ NW Campus

FEE $29.00

NOTE: Bring your knitting bag and $20 for kit.

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