Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fair Isle Dog Sweater

Note: two of the patterns have a shorter repeat. Pattern goes to only the red line on chart and then starts over. If you are changing you width on the back with the fair isle pattern, make sure the number you cast on is divisible by 6 and 8. I used 48 but 24, or 72 would also work.

Yarns: Paton's DK Moorland 100% wool - cream (I double stranded the cream yarn to match the weight of the orange yarn.)

Martifil "Stripe" - orange

US 3 straight and DPNS

I knit loosely so if you don't, use larger needles that are appropriate for the DK or worsted yarns you plan to use. The colored yarn should stripe for the color change effect.

The design is simple. You start with a rectangular back piece. You make a small rectangular chest piece. You put both these pieces on DPNS and knit in the round for the neck. Bind off. Sew chest and body pieces together to get your arm holes in the right place and right size. Finish by knitting the sleeves.

On the back piece: Cast on 54 sts and begin with a corrugated ribbing. This is 48 sts for the fair isle and a K3 border at the beginning and end of every row. (I didn't use a border edge and fair isle curled.) I used patterns that were multiples of 6 or 8. Do not bind off.

For the chest piece: I cast on 25 sts. and used a k3 p2 ribbing. Do not bind off.

Neck: Join the live stitches of the back and chest pieces on dpns. Using only the cream yarn, decrease in the first row of the neck by 4 sts. evenly for a total of 75 sts. Continue in the round in a k3 p2 ribbing. (I could have reduced the number of stitches but I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t be tight.) Bind off when you are happy with the length.

Sew the top and bottom edges of the chest to the body piece to establish arm holes.

Sleeves: Pick up 25 stitches (or some multiple of 5) on dpns and use the k3 p2 ribbing in the colored yarn. This produced one sleeve orange and one gold which I expected might happen. Came out nicely. If you don't want the variety, use cream yarn for the sleeves.

If I had it to do again, I would probably put some short rows in the bottom section of the neck to have it come up higher on the throat.